At Future wiring we are fully aware of the need to seamlessly integrate an increased number of electronic devices within the home or business world.

Our fully qualified and experienced team of professionals provides bespoke solutions for today’s multi-device environment and future-proof our solutions with known upcoming innovations in mind.

What this means for our clients is an applied technology able to provide assistance in numerous areas; we have listed a few below:


  • Mobile energy control, monitoring and saving (lightwaverf)
  • Mobile and Wi-Fi lighting control (lightwaverf)
  • Mobile home security control (CCTV)
  • Intelligent wiring to reduce clutter
  • Entertainment and sky space saver design and installation


Lightwaverf is a Home automated control system which enables you to control the lighting and power consumption within your home, later this year it will also be possible to control your heating. We are now using the Ligthwaverf system to meet some of the solutions above.


Future Wiring also install CCTV  , which is available for you to view on your home TV, your smart phone or other mobile devices whilst you are home or away.

Reduce Clutter

At Future Wiring we enjoy our entertainment devices as much as you, but we also know how cluttered a space can feel with the number of plugs and cables involved even in a simple sky set up for example:


To fully utilise services offered in this setup you would normally need the following:

  • 2x coax cable
  • 1x 5cat cable
  • 1x phone cable
  • 1x TV cable
  • Multi-plug cable or socket for both

Even a small standard installation as above can cause unseemly clutter.  At Future Wiring we provide what we believe to be a more practical solution with our optimised design FW2.1 ESD (Entertainment Solutions Devices) placed behind your flat screen TV, see below 1.0.