Interested in new Tech – iPhone 7 – Xbox One – PS4 Pro

At Future Wiring we look at the customers Hardware and future developments of said Hardware, this is to establish the facilities which can be used with the Hardware that each customer has available.

iPhone 7

New iWatch 2

Galaxy note7

Galaxy s7 and Edge

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear VR

Gear S3

Xperia Z5

Smartwear 3 SWR50

Check the new hardware for this month

Apple Keynote Event

At future wiring always looking at hardware for our customers and how we can install it professionally.

Meet xbox one

xbox one







The New ps4







With two new game consoles coming out this Christmas.vFuture wiring is glad to say we can install both consoles with using a Hdmi2 cable which is a 4k compatible.