At Future Wiring we use a TV cable system designed by Sky and C.A.I which is a multiplexing system fitted with a 4G at800 filters. 4G at800 filters can transmit all of the Sky channels, digital T.V, digital radio, and your CCTV.

This system will reduce clutter within the home and in the future you can add more devices such as a Skybox or a cable box.

From research carried out at Future Wiring, we have established that our customers have different ways of watching TV dependent on their age. If the customer is over 30 years of age they tend to prefer the Sky or cable system. If the customer is under 30 years of age they tend to prefer streaming to their T.V through media devices such as the XBox one, PS4 or a P.C.

At Future Wiring we use a cat6 backbone system to provide this. In the future, we believe that streaming will become increasingly popular due to the growing demand for smart TV’s. The demand for streaming has also increased as a result of the availability of new streaming providers of entertainment, such as Love Film and Netflix and now Sky and Virgin Media have recently included streaming as a viewing option.

At Future Wiring our customer feedback indicates that customers download films to their PC’s or Apple Mac and enjoy playing it back through their smartphone, laptop or iPad. Some users prefer the software on the PC-like media player or on the Apple iTunes (home sharing).  Future Wiring customers enjoy using the cat6 backbone cable system and 1gb wireless router, which allows the film to be viewed without buffering, particularly with HD  films because they are such large files.

Future Wiring can also install a full audiovisual system with the use of your own equipment or if you would like we can design a full system for you. We design systems using the latest technology, such as 4k HD projector, Av amp with air player and surround sound which allows zoning in different rooms and much more.

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