What is cable Networking?

At Future Wiring we use cat5 or cat6 cabling to provide physical connections to the Internet for your equipment.

It is faster then most wireless networks because it is a physical connection, it does not drop off or lose data like a wireless network (This is why most businesses like banks use cat5 or cat6 cable networks).

More information on cat 5 and 6

We know however that you do need a wireless network for your mobile equipment. At Future Wiring we use a  wireless dual range extender for all mobile devices such as smart phones, laptop and iPad. For fix devices like P.C, games consoles and TV’s we recommend a physical connection. For example when you download a HD film and want to watch it on your wide screen TV and it then starts to buffer this is normally as a result of a slow wireless network, when you have a direct cable and a fast router this should not happen.

What Is The Meaning Of Wireless

Wireless local area network: a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet.

The best place to put a wireless router is in ‘line of sight’. The wireless router should have the least obstacles in its way, for example, doors or partitioning walls, this will avoid the signal dropping out. Another cause of interference with the signal is if the router is placed close to the tv, computer monitor, baby monitors, microwaves and fish tank.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable is a cable made of glass which light pulses down for communication.

Fiber optics is designed for long distances with very low loss and high speeds.

With many Internet providers trying to get fiber into the home it would be a shame to use the slower wireless network.

At Future Wiring We know there will be a time when fiber optics will be standard throughout the home. As a result, we would recommend for those customers who have a high Internet usage in their home for us to install metal conduit, which we will run the cat6 cable through. This will allow us to replace the cat6 cable with fiber optics Cable when necessary, this will future proof your home with to redecorate.

Booklet from cisco


The speed of the Ethernet

10 Mbps—10Base-T Ethernet
100 Mbps—Fast Ethernet
1,000 Mbps—Gigabit Ethernet
10,000 Mbps—10 Gigabit Ethernet